Salt Lake Creek Drift


Salt Lake is unique. There is not another in the tropical isles of the South Pacific. Tidal seawater flows up Salt Lake creek to a small lake with a tiny island in the middle of it – some call it Cannibal Island since it was known as a quiet respite for chiefly picnics in days long past. The mangrove-lined banks support all sorts of life including mangrove jacks (tropical snapper) and mud crabs. A variety of reef fish can be seen too - colourful parrot fish and trigger fish live in the creek as well. 


To float alongside submerged tree trunks and tangled areal roots as the current takes you through the mangrove forest lined creek, is for many, an unforgettable experience. 


How did this feature arise? According to an experienced geologist, the tidal stream follows the path eroded by larval flow; scouring marks can be seen on some of the rocky banks and the lake is the remains of a small caldera. Salt Creek is more an extension of the ocean than it is an outflow for collected rainwater.


COSTS - FJ Dollars

Take the fast current up, or down, Salt Lake creek, have a swim at the pontoon and return via a small motor boat to Ben’s landing. 

Suitable for the young and old, the trip is great fun – we get extremely positive feedback, lots of smiles and very happy customers!

We leave from, and return to, a site where there is a change shelter, and a fresh water shower to rinse off. We can securely store any valuables while you are in the creek. 


Surcharge for mask & snorkel $5, flippers $5, if that option is taken, (or bring your own) – most just wear a life jacket and enjoy the scenic trip without getting their heads wet.


What to bring: Your sunscreen, towel, and a change of clothes if you like. Reef shoes are optional too.

The tidal current does all the hard work for you. The water is generally 26 - 28C (78-80F).


We supply your life jacket so you can comfortably stop anywhere along the creek without so much as treading water. 


Safety: this trip is suitable for all those comfortable in the water, adults and kids. It is fun and not physically demanding. And the support boat is never far away.


Please EMAIL or CALL a day or more ahead, if possible. Trip schedules are dependent on tide times. Transport options to Salt Lake Creek can be organized, if required.


Other Adventure trips/packages are also available, to include private accommodation. Please contact us for details, prices and availability.


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