Snorkeling in Natewa Bay


      PRICES  -  all listed charges are in $Fijian


VATULOA SANDBANK: our premier site for coral diversity, a 20km trip from the launch site

$320 for 2 persons

$330 for 3

$340 for 4

$350 for 5

$360 for 6

This includes a  surcharge  paid to the traditional custodians of the area.


LEYA REEFS: If weather is poor further out in the Bay, a shorter trip to these nearer reefs, also highly rated, is an option:

$220 for 2 persons

$230 for 3

$240 for 4

$250 for 5

$260 for 6

This includes a surcharge paid to the traditional custodians of the area.


Safety, Care of the Reef & Travel times

We are in the process of having this pristine reef protected as a marine reserve with the requirement that no-one stands on, or otherwise damages, any of the corals. We provide a guide with flotation– this allows visitors rest periods without the need to stand on coral outcrops. Wearing a life jacket is always an option, allowing snorkelers, particularly those who are not accomplished swimmers to safely view the amazing array of clearly visible corals and other marine life.

Those who want to free dive to any appreciable depth at Vatuloa, do so at their own risk. It is always best to dive in pairs regardless. Long freediving fins are not suitable in shallow coral reef waters. We have a separate site more suitable for free divers, with corals to 20m – please contact us for more information.

What to bring

Your own snorkeling gear generally fits best, but if you do not have these we can supply masks and snorkels and will generally be able to find suitable fins. There is a $5 charge for masks, and $5 for fins.

Coral Safe Sunscreens

These are a strict requirement for reef visitors in increasing numbers of  international destinations. We do not allow use of unsafe lotions, and have a coral friendly,  non-irritating lotion for sale in the boat (

Many swimmers wear wet-tops (‘rashies’) and leggings, or have thin wet-suits. Water temperatures are usually between 26-280C (~800F)

Trip Times

Destinations are reached in ~30-45mins depending on weather. Snorkelers spend between about 1½ to 3 hours in the water, so the entire trip usually takes between 3 and 4½ hours.  We provide chilled water and if requested an Esky with ice to keep any of your own food and drinks cool. 

Our boat Malua Feva… 

Is a stable 6.5m aluminium boat, with sun shade and all required safety gear.


Over fifty percent of coral reefs worldwide have been lost to ocean warming and pollution in just the last few decades, so again: we need to take great care not to damage any of the reef and corals. Thin plate corals can be 4 or more metres across and are very fragile, as are large fluted corals, for example. It is generally best not to touch corals either; some polyps are sensitive to oils on our fingers, and others can sting.

For anyone to visit a reef of this beauty and condition is a privilege, and we need to tread softly on it - we owe this to the traditional owners of the area and to all future generations of local and international visitors.


For more information, bookings and Savusavu resort pick up and drop off options


mb: (+679) 508 5630, direct call or via WhatsApp

We can organize return transport, with sufficient notice; prices depend on where guest are staying.


Directions from Savusavu:

  • Take the Buca Bay road from Savusavu town , turn right, pass the Airport, and on to Salt Lake Bridge at Vatudamu (a total of 26 kms from town)
  • Continue on the main road for 4.5kms, and turn left at Matakunia Rd. It is the first sign-posted road past Salt Lake Bridge
  • Drive along Matakunia Rd, a gravel road, for ~ 3.5km until the stony creek crossing.  You are there: our departure site is just a few metres past this creek, with safe parking on the right. Parking just before the creek and walking it is always an option.



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